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Not Sure And Have Questions?

Selling your business can take a significant amount of time to properly market, vet the buyers and negotiate with multiple buyers before closing a deal.  While our team is executing the sale of your business you can continue to operate your business.

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Dreams do come true!

We protect the identity of your business and only disclose information to buyers who have signed a confidentiality agreement.


Not sure and want to get to know us better? Let's chat over a virtual cup of coffee and get to know each other.  Book a time that works for you so I can get a better sense of what your needs are:



Kat is great to work with, she did everything she could to help us understand the process and how to vet out buyers for our business. She worked hard to help us understand the value of our business and what we need to do to prepare for the sale of our business. Highly Recommend Kat and 10X Business Broker!

Karen, Owner