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Become a Business Broker

Thinking About Becoming A Business Broker

Do You Have a Passion for Helping Businesses?

We help Business Owners sell their Legacy and Create an Exit Plan.
Whether they are Selling their Business, or Someone wants to Buy a Business we help facilitate the process and make this a Reality for them.

Selling a Business Assures Confidence in the New Buyer's Success!

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1 - This is 100% Straight Commission!
2 - You will Need to Develop Your Own Sellers List of Clients.
3 - We Provide you with the training and Support you need to be Successful!

A Guide to The Business Broker Profession

Thinking of embarking on a career in Business Brokerage? It’s an exciting, rewarding, and potentially lucrative profession – but it’s not necessarily for everyone.


The 10X Business Broker Steps to Success program is a collection of business broker training resources designed to help you answer the questions, “Is Business Brokerage right for me?” and, if so, “Where do I start?”


We suggest you begin by downloading our free Guide to the Business Brokerage profession below.

A Guide to the Business Brokerage Profession


This Guide addresses the most common questions, and misconceptions, about the field of Business Brokerage. You’ll learn more about the industry, the skills and traits needed to excel, and the pitfalls to avoid.

Learn More About Business Brokering

Learn About How To Be A Business Broker
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Internships Available

Are you Curious about the Business Broker Field? 

Looking to get experience as a team member for a Business Broker?

Please Fill out the form above to get a Broker to Reach Out to you!



  • College Student

  • Willingness to Learn

  • Desire to Explore Client Relationships

  • Ability or Freedom to Work from Home

  • Need Internet and Computer

There's a lot to know when it comes to selling your business - it's actually our business. If you are ready to discuss your next step, please call a 10X Business Broker. We'll take care of the details so you can plan the next chapter.

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